IOS iPhone & iPad

The basic system requirement for iPhone 4s and later versions will allow the MYNT app running smoothly. iOS8 and later versions of system is required.

Android smartphones and tablets

The Android system must be 4.4.4 versions and later in combination with Bluetooth 4.0 supported. The range of Android devices varies in the hardware compatibility as to Bluethooth management, please refer to our list of tested devices to see whether your device will support the MYNT app. If your device is not within our list, there is a chance that MYNT will not be able to run on your system. We are testing new Android devices continuously and adding more to the list of supported Android devices.


Every Mac computers made after 2012 will be able to run the MYNT app. MacBook, iMac, and Mac Pro are tested for supporting MYNT. OS X 10.9 and later is required for successfully launching the MYNT App.

Windows System

Windows system must be Windows 8.1 and later, with Bluetooth 4.0 add-ons. The computer hardware must support Bluetooth 4.0.

Scan QR code on the back of the packaging box

Use regular QR code scanner on the smartphone, scan the square box with the QR code, or go to : https://www.slightech.com/download/mynt

The basic step is first find the MYNT app in either Google Play or App Sore, download the app. Open it for installation. Follow the initial guide for pairing with MYNTs. The basic step for pairing is first enter the App, click on person icon at the center of the home page. The app will then enter into a searching phase, shown by waves moving away from the center icon. Multiple plus signs will show up, they represent a detected MYNT. Click the right one, then hold the MYNT center button on the MYNT tracker. If the pair does not hold, try double click or triple click. Then a successful pairing will be shown. You may customize the MYNT setting by clicking on this MYNT’s icon in the app.

Download can be completed through download from the https://mynt.slightech.com

Search from store pages for the MYNT app.


MYNT tracker works through Bluetooth 4.0 BLE connection. The location is reported to the phone through this connection. Once the connection is terminated both the phone and the device will give signal lost alert. Bluetooth has a high frequency band, which its effectiveness for communication maybe limited by the environment. Multiple walls, sold objects, and other interference may decrease the effectiveness of the Bluetooth signal. We have maximized the MYNT range for personal item tracking within normal distance.

Remote Control

MYNT tracker is equipped with a remote circuit and a control button. When connected with any device, the MYNT signal will be interpreted by the App and assigned functions according to user settings. The standard HID is used, thus a range of Apps are compatible with MYNT remote control. It is similar to a condensed keyboard that is compatible with most devises on the market. The predominant user setting is remote controlling camera shutter, volume control, and music shuffle. User may assign new functions through the app.

Bluetooth operational

Bluetooth must be enabled at all times during MYNT operation. The device must enable Bluetooth connection in general, and the connection must be enabled for the MYNT app specifically.

MYNT App enabled in the background

The App should not be terminated. When not using the app directly, the app should be moved into the background, but not ended or terminated. For iOS devices, background refresh must be enabled. Setting>MYNT> background running enabled. This is shown in the diagram below.

The background setting can be changed during app installation.

Android devices vary from platform to platform. Please see the instruction for your own device and look for the setting related to background program running. To make sure the setting enables MYNT, seek MYNT App > application running environment testing.

Installation permission grants

The permissions for successful running the MYNT app will be requested at the installation page. The MYNT app needs all of the requested permission granted in order to run successfully, failure to grant one of the permissions requested will lead to unsuccessful operation.

Enable access to current location

This setting is necessary for the tracking and location recording functions. When enabled, MYNT will locate the item through the in App GPS map. It may show the last location recorded for tracking parked car location, where the item was lost, or where it was misplaced.

No. MYNT app will only enable the location traction function after the Bluetooth connection is broken, given that the MYNT is out of the detection range. In testing, the location function increases no more than 2% of the normal energy consumption. The effect on battery life is insignificant.

First install the corresponding application on your system. Then pair the MYNT with the system through the same methods as you would with a smartphone device. Once the MYNT is connected, while staying in connection, customize the MYNT function setting through the system. The preset functions are power point clicker, music shuffle clicker, and other functions according to individual device.

One MYNT can only be connected to one device. If it is currently connected with a smartphone, please un-pair and disconnect them before connecting to a Mac or Windows system. There is a setting in the MYNT app for “disconnecting the device.”

For iOS systems, go to setting> Bluetooth> MYNT, disconnect this device.

Tip: when switching MYNT connection from one device to another, you may delete the previous MYNT connection in the previous app, disconnect, then connect to the new app.

Once you have reported that one of the MYNT is lost, the information will be distributed to the MYNT cloud service. This information will then be passed safely to all connected devices that have joined the community. When another device in the community has detected the signal of the MYNT, this information will be reported back to the cloud service and in turn to you.

A MYNT’s signal will last on its own for one to two months with out attendance. After this period, the MYNT’s signal will be less, and requires the detecting device to be closer than the 150 feet range that was initially required.

MYNT’s functions depend on MYNT not be turned off at anytime. The alarms, location reporting, and remote control depend on a working MYNT. MYNT will not be turned off unless the battery is taken out.

One MYNT app can manage eight MYNT devices at the same time. The full functional performance depends on the quality of the device. Most smartphones can easily manage four to five MYNTs at the same time. iMac and tablets with significant more computing power can manage all eight MYNTs. In future App updates, the MYNT app will likely be able to manage twelve MYNTs.

Yes. Please delete this MYNT from your App first while it is connected. After the MYNT noticed that is no longer connected with your previous device, it may be transferred.

Yes. The original MYNT case can be used in rain or in moist environment. The MYNT waterproof sleeve will make sure the device is completely waterproof. You may swim with a MYNT when having the sleeve covering the MYNT. It is recommended that if the MYNT is to be used on a pet, the waterproof sleeve is needed.

When MYNT is connected with a smartphone successfully, the App Icon will change in color. The MYNT icon will be gray if it is not connected.

You may click on the center button of the MYNT tracker, if the center button flashes, it is connected, if it is a double flash in slow sequence, it is disconnected.

Pull out the aqua blue slip from the battery dock on the MYNT tracker

Turn on the Bluetooth reception of your device

Make sure the operating system and the device are supported. You may check the supported device list. In general, the iOS 7 or later will work. Android 4.4.4 will work. Windows 8.1 and later, and all must have Bluetooth 4.0; Mac OS X must be OS X 10.9 and later. The Mac must be made after 2012.

Turn off the Bluetooth then turn on again.

Take out the MYNT tracker battery, use the same one again or use a new CR battery.


Make sure the software is up to date. Go to the MYNT app, go to the left column, click on the MYNT tracker, check setting, then update the MYNT tracker.

Double click home button, manage the MYNT app, restart the MYNT app,. A pairing pop up will give direction. If this does not work, restart the phone, restart MYNT app. You may try uninstall and install MYNT app.

Several customized functions do not work simultaneously. If the click is set to ring the phone, then the button should not be used to function as a camera shutter or shuffle music. The holding of the MYNT will not trigger a phone ring if the button is set to work as a remote. You may change between these two settings. The combination of functions is only limited by user imagination. Compatibility between different user customized functions will not always be stable. Reset the MYNT to go back to standard functions.

The camera and music connection is made through system match. The connection will hold as long as Bluetooth works. You may disable this setting. iOS will require manual disconnection for the Bluetooth setup, while Android will be automatic.

First make sure the MYNT tracker is connected. Click on the center button on the tracker. If the flash is on one time, the connection is established. If the button flashes twice slowly, it is not connected.

The first connection may take time for the MYNT alarm to warm up. Ring the MYNT repeatedly through the app until it works.